Empower Your Child, Learn ADHD Brain Hacks, Have Fun

Do you wish that your child had more resources so that they could…

  • Handle boredom and complete boring chores
  • Regulate their emotions
  • Control their impulses
  • Avoid explosive reactions
  • Have more positive peer connections and sibling relationships
  • Understand their feelings
  • Empathize with another person’s perspective
  • Have a more restful sleep
  • Have more confidence and love themselves

Would your child love to have fun with you for the next 21 days and not only increase their confidence, but also build and strengthen your relationship? 

If so, you are in the right place!

I’m Lara and I am an ADHD Warrior Mama to two amazing neurodiverse boys, ages 13 and 15.  I’m an elementary school teacher, an ADHD Parenting Coach, the founder of The ADHD Village, and the creator of L.O.V.E. Ü Parenting. 

I am super excited to offer the first 100 families

The bADDest 21 Day Challenge for kids for only $11! 

This challenge currently sells for $79 on my website. I really want to support as many families as I can, and make it super affordable. So, for the first 100 families, you can grab this challenge for only $11! 

For only a few cents per day, you and your child will experience 21 days of fun, inspiration, and learning!

My passion is sharing tools and resources with parents who are struggling to navigate the ADHD world. 

I know that it has been quite the journey with my own kids! I went from drowning in overwhelm to calm and confident!  I was super stressed ALL THE TIME…. and then I discovered a new way.  And this “new way” transformed my life. And to be honest, I can’t keep it a secret any longer because I wish I had this sooner in my journey with my AWESOME KIDS! 

So my wish is that this fun challenge brings both parents and kids to the party!  After 21 days, your child will have a toolbox full of strategies that they can leverage in the moment when things go astray.  A toolkit with physical, tangible reminders, that will connect their brain to the strategies that they learned.  My wish is that these tools will help you to strengthen your relationship with your child, and that your child will feel a closer connection with you.  My hope is that there is more calm and less chaos in your family and you and your child are both feeling more confident.  

So consider this your official invite to come spend the next 21 days with me!

join now for only $11.00

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