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Helping moms learn how to eliminate stress while navigating their children’s ADHD

Coach Lara Welcomes You To The ADHD Village!

Lara Dawn is the founder of The ADHD Village – a community that offers brain-based, science-backed support for families raising children with ADHD. She is a certified teacher with over 20 years experience specializing in environmental science and special education. She is happily married and has two neurodiverse sons.

Lara supports moms in learning how to eliminate stress while navigating their children’s ADHD so that they are calm, confident and deeply connected to their children. She also helps parents raise children to embrace their ADHD and feel empowered so that they can be in control of their emotions and behaviours.

“You do wonderful work. I am very impressed. I admire what you are doing.” ~ Dr. Edward Hallowel, Authour of ADHD 2.0

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Calming The ADHD Family

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Hi! My Name Is Lara,

Lara Dawn, the visionary behind The ADHD Village, is revolutionizing the way families of ADHD children find support. With a wealth of brain-based methodologies and science-backed insights, Lara has curated a thriving community dedicated to empowering parents on this extraordinary journey.

Drawing upon her extensive background as a certified teacher, specializing in both environmental science and special education for over two decades, Lara brings a unique blend of expertise to the table. Her passion for unlocking the full potential of neurodiverse children is evident in her own joyful marriage and the nurturing of her two neurodiverse sons.

Lara's mission is clear: to guide and uplift moms through the chaos of ADHD, transforming stress into serenity while forging deep connections with their children. Through her compassionate guidance, she equips parents with the tools to empower their children, enabling them to seize control of their emotions and behaviors with confidence.

Imagine a life where you effortlessly eliminate stress, where you navigate the realm of ADHD with calm resolve, and where you forge unbreakable bonds with your children. Let Lara Dawn be your guiding light on this transformative journey towards empowered parenting. Embrace the unique beauty of your child's ADHD, and together, let's unlock their infinite potential.


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