Helping moms learn how to eliminate stress while navigating their children’s ADHD

Coach Lara Welcomes You To The ADHD Village!

Lara Dawn is the founder of The ADHD Village – a community that offers brain-based, science-backed support for families raising children with ADHD. She is a certified teacher with over 20 years experience specializing in environmental science and special education. She is happily married and has two neurodiverse sons.

Lara supports moms in learning how to eliminate stress while navigating their children’s ADHD so that they are calm, confident and deeply connected to their children. She also helps parents raise children to embrace their ADHD and feel empowered so that they can be in control of their emotions and behaviours.

“You do wonderful work. I am very impressed. I admire what you are doing.” ~ Dr. Edward Hallowel, Authour of ADHD 2.0

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Calming the ADHD Family Interview Series - 38 Parenting Experts share their top strategies to help you create a calm, confident, connected family.

Calming The ADHD Family


Grab My 21 Day ADHD Challenge

After 21 days, your child will have a toolbox full of strategies that they can leverage in the moment when things go astray. A toolkit with physical, tangible reminders, that will connect their brain to the strategies that they learned.

Grab My ADHD Expert Video Series

Ready to save your family’s sanity? This video series will give you the strategies you need to manage your child's ADHD so that your family can be calm and connected.

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About Coach Lara

When Lara is not working with her clients, or spending time with her family, you can find her down by the lake, riding her bike and loving nature, spending time with life long friends who make her laugh or jumping in a kayak and enjoying the moment.


The secrets every ADHD child needs to know to have a successful start to their school day worksheet bundle.

Our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings drive our actions.

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