Resources for the ADHD Family

21 Day Challenge
for Kids

After 21 days, your child will have a toolbox full of strategies that they can leverage in the moment when things go astray. A toolkit with physical, tangible reminders, that will connect their brain to the strategies that they learned.

Putting Mama First
Virtual Retreat

So Often As Mamas, We Attend Events And Sessions That Focus On Us As Moms - How We Can Be Better Parents, Why It’s Important To Take Care Of Ourselves SO THAT We Can Continue To Take Care Of Everyone Else, And That Is Valuable And Important… AND We Really Wanted To Remind You That You - Are - A - Whole - Human. “Mom” Is Not The Entirety Of Your Identity.

So, This Retreat Is Designed To Help You Reconnect With Ü. To Help You Rekindle Your Self-Love, And Self-Compassion, And Deliver You Simple Things That You Can Do To Enhance Your Self-Care And Nurture Your Human.

L.O.V.E. U Parenting Emotional Intelligence 21-Day Challenge

Envision the assurance of your parenting abilities, enabling you to effectively manage difficult behaviors and avert emotional outbursts. Imagine a household where children experience a sense of security to express their emotions in a positive manner.

The turmoil that engulfs the entire family when your child grapples with emotional dysregulation can be transformed.

Warrior Mama Program

This is my signature transformational program. This is the fastest way to make long-lasting, meaningful change for your family. In this program we will be leveraging neuroscience to rewire your neural networks... which is a fancy way of saying.... You will balance your nervous system, you will become confident in your parenting, and you will learn how to keep your cool during escalations... Better, yet you will learn how to prevent escalations from even happening!

You will see your children improve their listening, cooperation, and regulation. Your kids will thrive, learn how to navigate their ADHD, and feel deeply connected to you.

12 Days to a
Happier Holiday

Join today and unlock a world of invaluable insights from top experts, along with their exclusive free resources.

12 Days to a Happier Holiday: Unwrap the Joy, Peace, and Love of the Season!

🎁 Discover the true magic of the most wonderful time of the year, as we guide you to experience more than just surviving the holidays.
🎄 Prepare to embark on a transformative journey, a gift for you and your family. Each day, for 12 days, you will join us on Zoom to receive expert tips on how to embrace joy, peace, and love. This is sure to make your holiday season merry and bright!
🎁 Unwrap hands-on strategies that will help you alleviate stress, sadness, and anxiety while nurturing emotional intelligence, resilience, and an unbreakable familial bond. 

3rd Annual Calming the ADHD Family Summit

Get ready to bring calm, connection and confidence to your family. Learn powerful, practical strategies to reduce anger and anxiety and cultivate an emotionally intelligent, strong, connected family.

You will gain access to expert speakers and their free gifts to help you stop the chaos  and enjoy family time again!

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