Resources for the ADHD Family

21 Day Challenge for Kids

After 21 days, your child will have a toolbox full of strategies that they can leverage in the moment when things go astray. A toolkit with physical, tangible reminders, that will connect their brain to the strategies that they learned.

Putting Mama First Virtual Retreat

So often as Mamas, we attend events and sessions that focus on us as Moms - how we can be better parents, why it’s important to take care of ourselves SO THAT we can continue to take care of everyone else, and that is valuable and important… AND we really wanted to remind you that you - are - a - whole - human. “Mom” is not the entirety of your identity.
So, this retreat is designed to help you reconnect with Ü. To help you rekindle your self-love, and self-compassion, and deliver you simple things that you can do to enhance your self-care and nurture your human.

1st Annual
Calming the ADHD family Video Series

Ready to save your family’s sanity? This video series will give you the strategies you need to manage your child's ADHD so that your family can be calm and connected.

2nd annual Calming the ADHD Family Video Series

38 ADHD and parenting experts share their evidence-based strategies that you can begin implementing right now. Gain the tools to calm the conflict in your family, build confidence in your parenting, increase cooperation, and deepen family connections.

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